Make-It-Fun Lake Wedding & Reception

This Wedding and Reception Package includes everything needed for a fun lake wedding.  While traditional wedding ceremonies would have chairs lined up, bride and groom come down the aisle with friends and family properly seated in the audience, the Make-it-Fun offers two other options (table layouts) for a fun lake ceremony.

(1) The bride and groom can stand under the arch on the lakefront deck with their friends and family standing together around them and at the ready to cheer.  In addition patio tables, white umbrellas, and chairs are also scattered round the deck and around the dance floor for a casual lake wedding.   Finally, dining tables with a seat for each person in attendance are setup in the garden area not far from the arch and deck.   As a result, your guests would arrive, find a place to settle in, and get themselves a drink.   At a designated time, the guest would gather to join you for the lake wedding ceremony at the arch.  With light music in the background, the officiant, and your friends and family surrounding you, you would wed in a short ceremony.  “Let’s all raise our glasses to introduce Mr. and Mrs.”

(2) In this table design, the dining tables are setup on the deck leaving an area in the middle for the bride and groom to wed.  The additional patio tables and white umbrellas remain in the garden area.  As a result, your guests would arrive, find a place to settle in, and get themselves a drink.   At a designated time, the guest would gather to join you for the wedding ceremony at the center of the dining tables. The guests are allowed sit during the ceremony and stand and cheers or raise a glass when the couple is announced.  This makes for a fun lake wedding!

Specific to this package:

  • 2 options for table layout and wedding ceremony (see above)
  • Tables, deck and garden area are set up specifically for these two types of ceremonies
    • Event Manager and Officiant included.  We do take photos and provide those as a gift:  your pick of 3 photos and the remainder are available for purchase through Zenfolio-Visit Our Photo Site.  Your own photographer is welcome too!
    • The event is up to 8 hours with the availability to schedule early access for decorating.
    • Please feel free to include your own decorations which you can coordinate setup with the Event Manager or come decorate yourself.
    • Early access available to the Bridal Room for preparation.
    • Music:  Bose indoor and outdoor sound system is used for the Wedding music and background music.  We additionally offer a DJ speaker system and microphone for guests utilize with their own device to Aux connect.   Your own band or DJ is welcome also.
    • All dining food is catered or do-it-yourself.  Lake Breeze offers an assortment of light appetizers and dessert tables as add-ons.
    • The bar is pay-by-the-glass, cash or credit card and is beer, wine, and champagne.  The liquor license can be waived for a fee so you can bring your own.
    • Once you have booked online, you will receive a set of emails and possibly a call or text to confirm and help you get organized and ready for your event.  Please be sure your phone contact and email contact information is correct.
    • Payment for this package can be in full or use an assortment options for payment plans.  Payments must be completed 30 days prior to event.
    • Party packages cannot be used for Wedding, Receptions, or Vow Renewals.  Each package is design with the event's time, efforts and tools needed to achieve a perfect event.
  • We have beautiful vows written just for our guests at Lake Breeze Terrace.  They are non-sectoral and include a sweet love poem (see the Vows sections)
  • We can additionally upgrade to any type of sand ceremony or chord or candle ceremony as well as add special passages as requested.  (See the Ceremony Options)
  • Rental Items Available:   Bouquets, Tall Candlesticks, Easels, etc. (see the Rental Items Section)
  • For light appetizers and dispenser drinks and bar information, see our section call Drinks, Appetizers & Desserts.
  • Items For Sale:  We also sell some items wedding accessories such as sand ceremony items, guest books, faux bouquets and boutonnieres, cake & knife sets, napkins, plates, etc.  See our Retail Item section.
  • We offer a list of local catering and other vender recommendations for great and reliable restaurants.

The Make-It-Fun Lake Wedding & Reception Package

From: $2,199.00

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