2017 Samsung 3-8-17 (1) (25)
2017 Samsung 3-8-17 (1) (29)
2017 Samsung 3-8-17 (1) (28)

From: $125.00

If you don’t need a limo waiting for you throughout the night this is a great service for you and 13 of your closest friends!   This limo rental is simple:   Either book a pickup or a drop off for an evening out.    The minimum charge will always be 1 hour fee or $125.   Divide it up amongst 14 travelers and the rate comes to $9.00 per person for an hour.(See the package details below in the description or at the Excursion Limo Rental Packages.)  Must book pickup and drop off separately in an hour increment.


  • Up to 14 people
  • 1 hour minimum charge
  • We like need to confirm a route in advance.
  • Deposit reserves event and sets your pricing.   Prices are subject to change.