Wedding Rehearsal Practice (30 mins)

Rehearsal practice is not mandatory for a beautiful wedding when you have an Event Manager and staff that work the wedding and coordinate the entire event.  However, if you would like to add some practice time at The Terrace into your order for the night before, you can add this item to your cart.  The practice duration is 30 minutes and outside area only.   There will not be any access to inside.  There will be the Event Manager in attendance to oversee the practice.

Note:  We do not provide space for rehearsal dinner the evening before the event as we are preparing for your special day the night prior.  Also note, this cannot be purchased as a standalone product.  It must be in coordination of a wedding event at Lake Breeze Terrace.

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  • Rehearsal is free to those who booked the full wedding and reception package (or vow renewal package)
  • Rehearsal is outside on The Terrace deck.
  • Time duration is 30 minutes
  • Bride and groom coordinate with the rest of the people in the wedding to plan out procession.
  • We have to implement a mandatory gratuity for our staff as they always go above and beyond for our customer.  We put it at 10% and it goes directly to the staff working the event (except bar which receive tips from the sales at the bar).

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