Meeting: Local, Monthly or Annual (4 hours)

The Terrace is a great place for meetings, training, seminars, conferences, and employee parties.

The reservations are done in 4 hour segments.   The hour at lunch is FREE.

All necessities such as tables, chairs, setup, cleanup are provided and planned with the Event Manager.  She will have it ready for you upon arrival.

Add-on items are available to rent such as projector, television, sound system, etc.

Face to Face Table Setup for Meeting
Team Builder

Specifically included in this package:

  • Guest count depends on your seating arrangement but up to 75.
  • Meeting only available M-F during business hours of 8a.m. to 6p.m.
  • Time segment is 4 hours.
  • Access to indoor bar
  • Tables, chairs, setup and cleanup
  • Access to add-ons such as projector, easel, boards, catering, microphone and speakers, etc.
  • We have to implement a mandatory gratuity for our staff as they always go above and beyond for our customer.  We put it at 10% and it goes directly to the staff working the event (except bar which receive tips from the sales at the bar).


Reserve Your Event Today

Please select your location, pick a date and time and leave accurate contact information. Then, complete the form with deposit/payment and you are all set.  As follow-up be sure to check your email and keep an eye out for a text from the Event Manager.

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