Lake Breeze Terrace Recommended Vendors

Lake Breeze Terrace has several local vendors that do fantastic work. See our list of favorites and always feel free to contact your event coordinator about details.

Lake Breeze Recommended Vendors

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make it fun
Eloping at Lake of the Ozarks

The Terrace has a beautiful lakeview deck on Lake of the Ozarks.   Packages are all inclusive with everything needed for a beautiful wedding ceremony.  Just show up ready to say your “I Do’s”.

Team Builder
“Offsite Meetings”: Productive & Fun

A great location for an offsite meeting is at Lake of the Ozarks! Lake Breeze Terrace is a small venue with a great outdoor area for breaks and lunch and a perfect fun place for a team builder exercises.

Workout Classes

Have your Yoga or Zumba Class With A View! Rent Lake Breeze Terrace and schedule your own workout classes.