Halloween Festival

Ghouls Gathering is a small festival to celebrate Halloween.   It is only open 6 nights on the last two weekends of October.  There is a FRAIDY CAT area for kids and adults to play Halloween games, a small set of vendor booths, and the Haunted Maze only for Non-FRAIDY CATS, age 14 and over.

The layout is such that individuals can buy tickets online or at the admissions area and head into Ghouls Gathering.  Some may head directly into the Haunted Maze.  The Haunted Maze ends in the Ghouls Gathering area.  So an adult can head in with their smaller kids to Ghouls Gathering and wait for their older kids to complete the Haunted Maze.

All paying kids will receive a gift bag with tickets to pay the Halloween games.  The 14 and over will also receive gift tickets to play the games or purchase items from the vendors.

[Note:  The entire festival area requires a signed waiver for kids and adults alike found in the admission area or available to print here:  Ghouls Gathering Waivers]


******NOTICE****** Halloween GG Festival Tickets Can Be Exchange/Used On Any Of The Festival Nights in 2021

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