Lake Breeze Terrace

7127 Old Route 5, Camdenton MO

Call Ahead For a Tour:  573-873-5343

Frequently Asked Questions

Give us a call or send us an email for estimates and tours. Please be sure to read our FAQs before sending us a message.

Can Lake Breeze Terrace provide an estimate for my event?

Absolutely..Please email us the proposed dates, time frames, numbers of guests,
and type of event (i.e., wedding,
meeting, etc.).You can also use the check-out process and run through some package pricing examples.

Why does Lake Breeze Terrace and Lake Breeze Resort have separate addresses?

Although both properties are neighboring, the entrance for The Terrace is off of Old Route 5 and The Resort’s entrance is on Breeze Drive.

Does Lake Breeze Terrace offer last minutes weddings?

Of course, we sure can work to get it ready for you.It is better to call us and we can coordinate the event together over the phone.

How do I book a unit at Lake Breeze Resort?

Lake Breeze Resort has a separate website and booking process.You can call 573-873-5343 and work with someone to coordinate a group reservation OR book online at

Who Do I Call For a Tour?

Call Us At Lake Breeze Resort 573-873-5343 and Gena will schedule a time to meet you at The Terrance and provide a tour and overview of all the package options.

What Happens When I Reserve Online?

Reserving online is just the beginning. It immediately blocks out that day of the event and marks it as unavailable to others. After we receive a reservation, we will contact you to begin the process of planning your event and organizing the necessary requirements for setup, cleanup, and staff (if any).

Bridal Cave Receptions?

Yes.  We love the Bridal Cave!!!  We offer discounts for receptions for those who celebrated their nuptials at the beautiful Bridal Cave.  We also have a limo rental discount package so guests can start at The Terrace, limo ride to Bridal Cave, and limo ride back for their reception.  Call us for details.  573-873-5343

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