Limo @ Lake Breeze Terrace

Who Wants A Limo Ride?

… at Lake of the Ozarks

(Seats Up To 14 people)


Grab your friends and safely go out to the Lake of the Ozarks restaurants and bars!   Transfer your bridal party from wedding to reception!  Enjoy an evening out!  So many fun ideas in one great big limousine.   Lake Breeze Resort & Terrace now offers this 14-seat Excursion Limousine as part of our rental packages.  The limo packages include pre-party meet at Lake Breeze Terrace with champagne and snacks, bottled water for your travels, and, of course, a delightful driver to cater to your travelling needs.   Each trip will require a planned route prior to day of departure due to the size of the limo and the known small lake roads.

$250 ….  2 hour minimum plus $100 for each additional hour

$450 ……  4 hour minimum plus $85 for each additional hour

$600 ……  6 hour minimum plus $85 for each additional hour

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