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The Terrace is available to rent for any private event.  Each event type is a Event Package and comes with all that is needed including an Event Manager.

Mrs. Clause Cookie Shop, Dec 10

Nightmare Before Christmas (Vow Renewal & Party), Dec 17

Rental Runners, Sashes, Centerpieces & more

At Lake Breeze Terrace many items come with each event package such as setup, cleanup, standard white lines, music and more.  But, often you will want a splash of color or additional items to make your event perfect.   We rent!  Check out our items for rent, if you don’t see what you are looking for be sure to ask as we have an entire warehouse of items.

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Hot Package Tea - Bottomless Dispenser
Coffee (Hot)-Bottomless Dispenser
Hot Chocolate-Bottomless Dispenser
Centerpiece Rental
Iced SWEET Tea-Bottomless Dispenser
Iced REGULAR Tea-Bottomless Dispenser
Lemonade-Bottomless Dispenser
Elope: Get Hitched! Vows Only (30 mins)
Elope: Short & Sweet Vows & Reception (1 hr)
Elope-Vows & Cocktail Party (2+ hrs)
Wedding & Reception: Make-It-Fun
Wedding & Reception: Traditional
Wedding Rehearsal Practice (30 mins)
Reception: Sunset Wedding Reception
Reception: The Bridal Cave Reception
Upgrade: Swag Arch Decorations
Vow Renewal: 30 min Lakeview Ceremony
Vow Renewal: Short & Sweet Vows & Reception (1 hr)
Vow Renewal-Vows & Cocktail Party (2+ hrs)
Vow Renewal: Make-It-Fun Vows & Reception
Vow Renewal: Traditional Vows with Reception
Party: The Evening Party
Party: The Afternoon Social
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